HD Cold, an efficient ecological solution for storage in cold rooms.

HD Cold is a turnkey solution that has been developed to optimise the duration and quality of storage of foods which require specific temperature and humidity conditions with or without a controlled atmosphere.

This patented solution meets ecological requirements partly because it allows fruit and vegetables to be stored without using chemicals, thereby allowing up to 40% energy savings, 30% less water discharge, and a reduction in fruit and vegetable losses. The freshness and taste qualities of the fruit and vegetables are preserved.

HD Cold is the industrial refrigeration solution that optimises humidity and dispenses with defrosting in a cold room under a normal atmosphere or a controlled atmosphere. It also helps to reduce water stress in apples and other fruits, which results in reduced release of ethylene. This stress is due in particular to the evaporation of water from their surface because of the difference in water vapour tension which accelerates the ripening of fruit and accentuates the development of diseases.

Diversity of applications

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The HD Cold industrial refrigeration solution meets the technical and economic requirements of storage for many sectors:

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Technical innovation

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An innovative, open-ended and adaptable industrial refrigeration solution to meet your needs.

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DPKL, an innovative, responsible company that specialises in industrial refrigeration.

Founded in 2007 by Benoît Duparc, the DPKL company currently employs over ten people, including those in the warehouse in Moissac, the engineering design office, two commercial entities in France, and representatives abroad.

As a specialist in the industrial refrigeration business for almost 15 years, DPKL developed the HD Cold solution in 2015.