First results on Melon (Charentais Jaune) 2020



R&D news

Creation of an R&D laboratory by July 2020

Combined to 4 cold chambers (1000 m3) equipped with HDCOLD and AC

Test planned for the 2020 season:

o Apples: Granny Smith, Gala, Chantecler, Red delicious, Golden, Pink Lady, HoneyCripps, Story Bio, Opal, Swing
o Garlic: Organic white garlic, pink garlic
o Melon: Charentais variety
o Plum: Reine-Claude, LOVITA®
o Table grape fruit : Chasselat de Moissac
o Kiwifruit: Green and Yellow varieties

Positive results on Zucchini, White Asparagus and Strawberry